Fruktoviy Sad. “The sound of taste”

Advertised product

Improved flavours of 5 most popular Fruktoviy Sad juices and blends (Apple, Multifruit, Orange, Peach-Apple, Tomato). Apple flavor is in the core of communication


The first ever mobile voice campaign in Russia “The sound of voice” with Nikolay Baskov has become a part of Fruktoviy Sad large-scale 360-campaign “Very ta-a-asty”, launched in September 2019. The key task of the campaign was to communicate the message that the brand has improved the five most popular tastes, 7 out 10 respondents testified that the new Fruktoviy Sad is tastier than the other juices and blends that they usually drink. To make communication clear to the consumer, we decided to transform the results of the research into real voices of people as the main proof that Fruktoviy Sad is really tastier. To gather people’s experience from the product, we launched a federal communication: we asked everyone who tried the new Fruktoviy Sad to share their impressions in the most accessible way – voice messages in messengers in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Telegram or WhatsApp. No brand communities in social media, no hub websites – only messengers, only voices! Chatbot helped the users to record voice messages correctly and ensured that what they sent met the requirements in order to participate in the contest (in terms of quality and meaning). All voices from different social media were gathered into one admin panel, duplicates were removed. Thus, over a week (and 7,000 euros for promotion) we collected more than 1,500 user messages. Then we asked the competent jury lead by Nikolay Baskov to choose the most interesting and memorable reviews (1 from each region of Russia). Based on these voice messages we created 15 TV spots, 15 radio commercials and 15 OLVs (one for each region of Russia with a voice of the winner from this region, in total more than 30 TV channels and radio stations).