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Mobile appication


OSOM digital service turns the tide in finance management. It is the world’s first application for individuals that allows managing traditional and digital assets through one unified account. We developed OSOM’s visual identity system and designed their mobile application. The idea of constant transformation is the core of identity, as it reflects the essence of the service – money transfer from one asset to another. The experimental typography has become the accidental element of the identity. Morphing of typefaces — where Extended switches to Condenced, and color filling of one word comes in contrast with contouring typeface of the other — it all vividly illustrates the movement of money flows and changes of their volumes. We decided to avoid rigid color-coding to reflect the ease of currency conversion within the service. As a result, we managed to fit an infinite number of designing solutions into the unified graphic identity system.


Бренд-дизайн директор: Владислав Деревянных Арт-директор: Алексей Климов Дизайнер: Максим Гейченко Креативный диджитал-директор: Дмитрий Маслаков Диджитал-дизайнер: Анна Маслякова Техлид: Валерий Захаров Аккаунт-менеджер: Елизавета Соколова