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Ad that you can feel by skin

Рекламируемый продукт

Clarins Men


Sports is holding 3rd place among the most popular digital content consumed by men among all topics. We’ve found an interesting fact: having watched sport extreme video, one of the users wrote that his hands had gotten moisturized Starting from both the interests our target audience has and from unconventional insight, we came up with an idea of how to reach the widest-possible audience and achieve a viral effect at minimal expense. To implement the idea, we used the video of the Russian roofer Oleg Cricket, where he fearlessly moves around the roofs of buildings. This video makes the user involuntarily experience a different range of emotions and sensations. In the video, we integrated the product - the men's hand cream of the Clarins brand with the key message: “Natural moisturizing of the hands - as you have now.” idea uses message addressed to our reptilian brain (R-complex). It stimulates instincts to communicate advertising message. You literally feel this AD with your skin. Just try it))


Andrey Iliasov, creative director Proximity Russia Marianna Kolupaeva, Strategic Planning Manager Proximity Russia Lily Kechina, Creative Awards Director BBDO Group Varvara Sheremet, Junior Art-buyer BBDO Group Elena Vratskaya, Digital Account Director MediaWise Irina Zemskaya, Digital Manager MediaWise