I'm your neighbor. Do not sort me out.

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Increasing Tolerance To Social Housing


There's a stereotypical thinking that social housing is occupied by anti-social persons who cause many problems to "normal" neighbours. The prevailing thinking in the society encourages municipalities to choose isolation policy by equipping separate areas for the residents of social housing, rather than integrating them into conventional apartment buildings. How to accommodate residents of social housing: isolate in individual apartment buildings or integrate into general apartment buildings? In a 6-month social campaign, we sought to increase public tolerance towards residents of social housing, and to encourage municipalities to choose integration rather than isolation policy. Unconventional solutions, provocative experiments, social advertising, seminars, impressive dissemination in traditional and social media have helped to achieve the following results: • The number of representatives of municipalities who are in favor of the equipment of social housing in conventional apartment buildings has increased from 48 percent to 62 percent. • The number of people who think that social housing is given not to anti-social persons but to poor people has increased from 72 percent to 77 percent.