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Advertising is struggling, suffering, dying for a new blood. New blood drains somewhere else. We hunt for them, but they hunt for jobs in IT-giants and IT-startups. It’s perceived as the best choice by young talents. Young talents want to work with great people, move forward, keep work-life balance, make the world better and acquire knowledge. Young talents see ad agencies as something … old-fashioned and unsuitable. BBDO decided to show them our daily routine. Actually, our daily cool, trendy and sexy routine as it is. Introducing BBDO daily - corporate media with fair look on the ad industry. BBDO Daily is making internal life of the agency fully open – from charity to education, from sports to inspiration. It gives a totally different perspective on the agency revealing our bold creativity, big ambitions and what’s more important people who drive the industry. As well as Hot career opportunities of BBDO, of course. That’s how we are building the self-brand in a fun and fresh way. Results: Bounce rate - 14% Average Session Duration - 04:06 Average Time on Page - 06:13 https://bbdodaily.ru


Proximity Russia: Dmitry Ivanov, Executive Producer Ilya Kulikov, Art director Natalia Kiselkova, Digital analyst Vsevolod Navashin, Concept Consultant BBDO Moscow: Igor Kirikchi, Chief Executive Officer Nikolay Megvelidze, Chief Creative Officer Evgeniy Gavrilchenko, Brand director Boris Sorokin, Marketing director Nadezhda Kunareva, Senior copywriter Olga Konogina, Marketing manager Marusya Khodyreva, Marketing assistant