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Editor, Sitemarca

Alicia Vidal is editor of Sitemarca.com, a site related to brands, advertising, marketing and everything that "marks" us. With studies in Sociology at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, devoted to a specialization in communication through several postgraduate courses. As a journalist for the last 20 years has been part of main media in the Advertising field, such as Infrobrand, Target, Apertura, iProfesional and Infobae and also in Radio and Tv programs. For  the last six years attended Cannes Festival to bring a direct view to the audience. She is also part of the international Jury of Epica, formed only by journalists all over the world, and in different opportunities has been part of Premios Mercurio of the Marketing Association of Argentina, of Effie Awards and lately of Premios Obrar of the Consejo Publicitario Argentino.