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Editor, Media Marketing

A psychologist by training, Asja has however spent most of her life nurturing creative ideas as an advertising executive alongside her father Ekrem Dupanovic, Media Marketing, Dragan Sakan, and the New Moment New Ideas Company. 
In 2006, she took a break from her exciting and creative job in communications to live in Kazakhstan and, later, India, where she was fascinated by the unique approach to life, the harmony that infuses the apparent chaos of the streets, and the sense of tranquillity that pervades everything. She dedicated a full decade to studying natural and non-invasive healing modalities. Still in love with the magical possibilities of creative communication, she returned in 2017 to advertising and now devotes part of her time to co- authoring the Creative portfolio, an annual review of the best of Adriatic Advertising. 
She is a jury member at different national, regional and international advertising festivals as well as a contributing author to the Media Marketing portal.