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Partner, Le Balene

Passionate art director, skilled calligrapher and most of all, maker. Francesco is a multidisciplinary creative mind that, throughout his career has led and worked both in the largest international company and the smallest creative boutique in Italy.
Today he is Chief Creative Officer in Different, the largest and only fully integrated communication company in Italy. In the past years he had the chance to collaborate with TBWA\, DDB, Saatchi&Saatchi as ECD.
Over his creative career he had the chance to work and lead the creativity for several national and international clients such as: McDonald's, Audi, Campari, Vodafone, Eni, AIA Food, Corriere Della Sera, and many more, winning many national and international awards.
He created his own creative method and approach based on three steps: analysis, discovery and crafting. He is really obsessed with crafting as a language and part of the creative idea. In love with the co-design approach and design thinking method.
He founded the IF! festival and over the years he has been in charge of the branding and communication platform of such an important festival of Communication and Creativity.
He has been part of The Calligraphy Masters team since 2001: a bunch of calligraphy lovers that had a role in the second renaissance of Calligraphy through the use of social media.
In 2010 he created First Floor Under a creative collective inside the TBWA\Italy; after that in 2014 from the hashes of FFU he founded and directed Acqua Su Marte his own company in which he blended different creative cultures, from design to performing arts, from production to exhibitions.
Over the years he expressed his talent in photography and video making through many exhibitions and productions. In 2010 he wrote, produced and directed One Way Ticket, a dystopian short movie shot in NY City.