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Hints note-taking app identity


Design system for Hints, an app that structures people’s note-taking and inspires positive changes. Yet our visual style is nothing like the old, samey, trite visual style every app seems to have — it has none of the established visual language of digital products. Instead, our design takes after the analog world: it is tactile, natural, with a complex color scheme. An unusual, eye-catching typeface that’d be at home on a printed page. Even its name is the title of a “super-story” by avant-garde poet Velimir Khlebnikov. Mutable yet easily recognizable — the dart’s flight is a flexible, deliberate central element of the visual style. Layouts are given some dynamic motion by speed lines behind each dart. The notes being on-the-fly, you see. Everything and anything may become a seed for future ideas — one need only to properly organize the available information.