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Dead Language, Living Nature - Chlamydotis Undulata

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Starting from March, illegal hunting footages have been a hot topic on social media. Birds were poached, especially those listed on the Red Book of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the official state document about the status of rare and endangered species. Nothing has stopped these birds from being hunted, even though this action is illegal by law. Most of them are on the brink of extinction. They are this close to getting the “dead” status, exactly like Latin, the very language in which we can identify their scientific names ever since. Latin — once the lingua franca of the western world, is now considered “dead language”. Yet, there is still hope for preserving wildlife in Azerbaijan. Ecofront, a leading organization fighting environmental problems, is the voice of nature of this country. Now, everyone can help restore Azerbaijan’s biodiversity by donating to Ecofront and raising awareness about environmental issues. Do not let fauna share the same fate with Latin. Do not let nature die.